In a planning meeting in mid 2019,we decided that merch was (whether we liked it or not) a vital and maybe inherent part of KRLX..the annual tshirt sale had been happening since ‘76.
So we started pay-what-you-can merch

i think this workshop was the culmination of all the energy of convincing other board members that the 1% might be coaxed into generosity, that we had to keep ordering from our local screen printing shop, and that if this was a part of our culture, it had to be a part of our culture for everyone

this workshop was organized durring covid as a way to be together

we asked everyone to bring clothes to remake if they could and ordered 150 tshirts from Larsons that were free for anyone who didn’t have something to print on. about 300 people came through in the imagined 3 and eventually 4.5hrs we were open. everyone pulled their own prints off of 5 screens designed by the amazing martha sudderth..this workshop wouldnt’ve been possible without cole’s leadership and support, angelina’s graciousness, xander and lauren’s enginuity, felipe’s pure spirit, martha’s trust and the incredible KRLX community

here’s a video.

(these pcitures are from martha, thanks martha)